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Customized Service
Customize Purity Level
Our company has a number of products have a wide variety of purity levels, especially to support our customers to do customized services, according to your needs. For example, our product DMPT is available in 98%, 80%, and 40% purity options; Chromium picolinate can be provided with Cr 2%-12%; and L-selenomethionine can be provided with Se 0.4%-5%.
Customize Packaging
According to your design requirements, you can customize the logo, size, shape, and pattern of the outer packaging.
Customize Premix Formula
Our company has a wide range of premix formulas for the poultry, swine, ruminant, and aquaculture. For example, for piglets, we are able to offer premix formulations, including inorganic complex class, organic complex class, small peptide multi-mineral class, general-purpose class, and function pack, etc.


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