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  • Organic Zinc- Zinc Lysinate Powder Glycine Chelate For Feed Additives
Organic Zinc- Zinc Lysinate Powder Glycine Chelate For Feed Additives

Organic Zinc- Zinc Lysinate Powder Glycine Chelate For Feed Additives

 Zinc Lysinate Powder Glycine Chelate For Feed Additives

Zinc-Lysinate complex of amino acids hydrate used as a nutritional feed additive for livestock. It contains an organic source of the essential trace mineral zinc. 

Product ingredients:Zinc Glycinate/ Zinc Methionine / Zinc Lysinate,Amino acids  

Product Efficacy:
 Zinc is a nutritional feed ingredient for animals that contains organic zinc. The trace mineral zinc is required by animals for numerous functions, including: immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, muscle development, milk production and eggshell quality



Amino acids%

Zinc Glycinate



Zinc Methionine



 Zinc Lysinate



This product series has the following characteristics:
1.High bioavailability: Compared to inorganic zinc salts, the zinc element in this product series is more easily absorbed and utilized by organisms. Therefore, it overcomes the disadvantages of high cost, poor absorption, and environmental pollution associated with high-dose use of inorganic zinc salts.

2.High chelation capacity and neutrality: This product series has a high chelation capacity, which means that the zinc element forms stable complexes with other compounds. It is also electrically neutral, indicating its high chemical stability. These characteristics effectively prevent the oxidation and degradation of vitamins and fats caused by inorganic zinc salts, enhance synergistic effects with other ingredients, and improve the quality of premix and full-feed products.

3.Resistant to antagonistic effects: This product series is not affected by factors such as pH value, inorganic ions, and organic macromolecules in the animal digestive tract. It effectively avoids the antagonistic effects between inorganic zinc salts and other trace elements, as well as their binding with phytic acid, phosphate ions, and other substances. As a result, the absorption and utilization of zinc are greatly improved.

4.High biological efficacy and palatability: This product series has high biological efficacy, meaning that it can exert its effective effects with a lower dosage. Additionally, it has good palatability, overcoming the undesirable taste of inorganic zinc salts and promoting increased feed intake in animals.

In summary, this product series provides efficient zinc supplementation to animals by improving zinc's bioavailability, stabilizing its chemical properties, resisting antagonistic effects, and enhancing palatability. It ultimately enhances the quality of feed products.
Product Functions:

1.Promote the absorption and utilization of zinc in the body, meet the zinc requirements for normal animal growth, promote animal growth and development, and improve feed conversion efficiency.

2.Regulate various physiological and biochemical activities in the body, enhance the function of metabolic enzymes, regulate the function of epithelial cells, improve poultry feather growth, and enhance the condition of livestock fur.

3.Maintain the integrity of the body's membrane structures, enhance the body's immune capabilities, and improve the animals' disease resistance.

4.Increase the egg production rate, fertilization rate, and hatchability of breeding poultry, enhance the quality and quantity of animal sperm, and improve the reproductive capacity of breeding livestock.

5.Improve the growth of animal bones and reduce the occurrence of leg diseases (especially in poultry).

6.Stimulates rapid proliferation of taste bud cells on the tongue mucosa, regulate appetite, and inhibit the reproduction of certain harmful bacteria in the intestines.

Recommended Dosage Per ton of complete feed:

Piglets (weight ≤ 25kg): 40-100 grams

Breeding sows: 30-80 grams

Meat poultry, egg-laying poultry: 50-100 grams

Other stages of pigs: 20-60 grams

Aquatic animals: 30-100 grams

Pets: 50-150 grams

Cattle, sheep: 30-100 grams

Other farmed animals: 30-100 grams

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